Thank you for delivering an excellent presentation to our Women’s Interest Group.   It was refreshing that you candidly shared your true life experiences and tips to succeed. You truly connected with the audience; I received many positive comments from our members on your delivery and style.

Sheri Banville, Manager Quality Assurance, MTS


You demonstrate such humble mannerisms, yet your impact on individuals in the workforce has been so great, I truly respect that character in an individual. I am a great believer that one does not need to advertise that quality, you either have it or you don't . . .  and you have it!

Michelle Stanson, Manager, Business Systems, RCMP


Barbara Bowes, the New Professionals Network would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in our conference on February 4th, 2014. Your insight into how to identify what motivates us and how to see our career in a different perspective was fascinating. Our conference could not be the success it is without the support of experts like you who are willing to share their insight and expertise with up and coming new professionals.

Jocelynn Johnson and Melanie Bell, Co-Chairs, 2013-2014 NPN Conference


"I found her presentation to be most informative and found it resonated with me in the sense that it reaffirmed many of the strategies and practices I make use of on an ongoing basis to manage my career. Barbara uses Humour to communicate her message in a very entertaining way which captures and holds your attention. By way of her presentation, Barbara demonstrates that she is knowledgeable, resourceful and a wealth of information concerning all aspects of career development."

Tim McIsaac, Government of Manitoba


"Company of Women is a women's network group whose vision is to support, connect and promote women in business. Barbara Bowes was approached with a view to presenting at an evening meeting in January 2014. Our intention was to inspire and uplift our members and guests with Barbara's story. Not only did Barbara do that, she also was amusing, very personable and passionate. Barbara impressed with her story of tenacity, strength of character and inventiveness. It is not easy to be a successful business woman and raise three children, all the while making fore-roads into a man's business environment. It would seem that Barbara can and did do all that, and more! We enjoyed hearing her story, and were impressed by her simple, yet effective story-telling. She spoke from the heart and we loved that. Thank you Barbara, we hope you'll come back again one day soon."


Cheron Long-Landes, Winnipeg Chapter Leader, Company of Women


"Barbara possesses a unique ability to recognize the core elements of an individual's life and career and is able to help you succinctly communicate your values to a variety of audiences.  She helps you to recognize and understand your leadership potential and guides you in utilizing the proper skills in achieving success. Barbara is a trusted advisor and mentor."

- Senior police executive


"I enjoy your cavalier witty delivery of your career and life journey. You were informative and entertaining."

- Darlene Asselstine, Rytel Personal Training - Workplace Wellness Consultant & Coach


"I always like to have Barbara speak at our events. She is engaging and knowledgeable and immediately connects with her audience. At our conference we had some technical difficulty and couldn’t bring up her slides but that didn’t affect her at all. She knew her topic so well and was so confident, she proceeded on her way without aids and delivered a thought provoking, professional message on emotional intelligence and leadership. The feedback we received from our members was equally complementary. She is a highly regarded expert on many topics and she consistently ranks as a top speaker"

- Ron Stoesz - CEO, CMA Manitoba


"I really enjoyed your "People Power and Performance Management". Your information and tips enabled me to take a closer look at what our employees do in their jobs. I also learned that by asking the question, "what motivates you?", gives the employee a chance to speak while I listen. Then together, we can build a better organization by improving open dialogue."

- Brenda Storey


"Barb's presentation on Managing Change provides excellent insights for organizational leaders into the personal, cultural and organizational issues involved in managing change. She provides impactful learning and tools for dealing with managing change. Her wide range of information and engaging presentation style is on par with leading Canadian and US, business and management speakers."

- Barry L. Bernhard


"Barbara Bowes is an engaging speaker that makes you want to go back to the workplace and 'do it better'. No matter what the topic, there will be a practical tip to take away and put to work immediately. Barbara’s breadth of knowledge and experience leaves you feeling she understands the real issues and you will not only learn with her… you’ll enjoy a laugh with her. As a speaker, Barb easily connects with her audience and then challenges them to take it up a notch. You won’t be disappointed.!"

- Anonymous


"The presentation, People Power and Performance Management was just excellent. I laughed because most of the things you said not to do, is what my former employers did. This is what made me want to get out and start my own practice. I enjoyed meeting you and I enjoyed the presentation"

- Shelley Overwater


"Motivated me to get started on online sales." "All that I could have asked for." "Excellent business strategies made simple." "A fantastic message by a super personality."

- Manitoba Marketing Network Seminar


"Barbara made me more conscious and aware of my skill-sets and strengths. I realize that I need to take note of my strengths to further enhance my career and my position. By doing so, I can and will become a more effective employee and eventually a leader."

- Anonymous


"Barbara certainly hit on a topic that stalls many people/ individuals in most industries. Change tends to be a very big hurdle for companies and their employees. I have learned to accept change and take it in stride."

- Anonymous


"Barbara makes a real life connection with her presentations."

- Charlene Miller


"Barb delivers a presentation that’s clear, easily understood and thorough. Leaving her presentation, I am ready to embrace change in a positive, productive way."

- Anonymous


"Fantastic! Very personal experience as Barbara explained many different ideas as why and how we feel and react to change. I could relate to most of the presentation."

- Anonymous


"Barbara’s always presented with genuine and believable reference. You can get lost in everything around you when Barbara speaks."

- Anonymous


"Very well delivered, brought personal experiences forward that really tied in the information being presented."

- Anonymous

"I truly enjoyed listening to Ms. Bowes – the time simply flew by. She has a warm, intelligent style of speaking, and her sincerity comes through with clarity."

- Pat Kroeker

"Thank you for the help you provided me through your book, The Easy Resume Book. I wanted to contact you directly to let you know that your technique for creating a transferable skills resume worked beautifully. I enjoy your articles in the Winnipeg Free Press --- I avidly follow you in Saturday's career section!"

- Anonymous