From intimate training engagements to large keynote presentations, Barb interweaves HR expertise with charm and wit to energize leaders and inspire lasting change.

Topics she regularly speaks to include:

  • Energize your workplace culture
  • Positive Cultures
  • Building Leadership and teamwork
  • Career management
  • Motivating self and others
  • HR issues
  • Power up your people
    As the President of Manitoba’s premier HR consulting and recruitment firm, Barb’s extensive expertise can help you chart your ultimate path to career fulfillment. Topics she regularly addresses in coaching sessions:
      • Creating a vision for your future
      • Customized development planning
      • Personal growth and improvement
      • Assessments, career management
      • Actionable techniques and strategies
      • What employers want
      • Create your career GPS
        Drawing from her wealth of personal and professional Human Resources experience, Barb offers a fresh perspective on workplace culture, leadership and career planning. Topics she regularly speaks to include:
          • Integrating a multi-generational workforce
          • Investigations
          • Employee relations
          • Policy development
          • Coaching
          • HR Issues in the workplace
            Barbara has authored five books, co-authored two, and has helped several other authors write and publish their own stories. Barb’s extensive expertise can help you engage a high number of readers. Topics she regularly addresses in coaching sessions:
              • Manuscript development
              • Content editing
              • Copy editing
              • Publishing links
              • Ghostwriting


                "Thank you for the help you provided me through your book, The Easy Resume Book. I enjoy your articles in the Winnipeg Free Press --- I avidly follow you in Saturday's career section!"

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                ABOUT BARBARA

                Barbara Bowes is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, writer and professional strategist/consultant. Barbara is also the President of Legacy Bowes Group, Winnipeg’s premier HR Solutions provider.


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                HR WORKSHOPS

                Barbara Bowes is a much sought after trainer, offering workshops in a wide variety of topics and formats. Pulling from her varied experiences, both work related and personal, Barb is a natural storyteller and highly effective trainer. Using the same first-hand, time-tested experience that has made her a popular writer and speaker, Barb can transform workplaces; one company, one team or one individual at a time.

                • Exploring Organizational Effectiveness (1 hour)
                • Gaining Team Commitment (1 hour)
                • Generations in the Workplace (1 hour)
                • Effective Self Marketing (1 hour)
                • The Power of Positive Personal Leadership (1 hour)
                • What makes me Tick… Career Planning for Success (1 hour)
                • Collaborative Workplace Skills (1 hour)
                • What’s your Role in Building a Positive Workplace Culture (1 hour)

                BARB'S BOOKSTORE

                RESUME RESCUE is a must-have for anyone serious about managing their career. The focus on specific skills useful for individuals interested in different positions using a comparable skill set, is unique.


                TAMING THE WORKPLACE TIGERS Barbara Bowes shares her wealth of experience and expertise to help you not only survive, but thrive!